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“Around the Net”, Looking for an IT Job Edition – 8/28/2013

hitechhotspots Around the Net, Looking for an IT Job Edition   8/28/2013Dealing with the emotional stress of losing your job is one of the most difficult things most of us experience in our lifetimes. Understanding how to deal with it and how to maximize your chances for future employment are important next steps when this happens.

With the economy slowly moving in the right direction and the demand for IT jobs continuing to increase, understanding the job market and how to land a job is as important as ever. Here are some useful links for IT professionals looking for work.

If you’re currently looking for an IT job and are having a hard time or have just landed a new IT job, I’d love to hear from you and the challenges you’re facing.

 Around the Net, Looking for an IT Job Edition   8/28/2013

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