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Happy Labor Day from Help My Help Desk

                People in the IT support industry are no strangers to hard work. Let’s all try to not to peak at our emails at all this weekend and enjoy the last of the summer’s pool side gathering, visit to the beach or barbecue with our friends and family […]

“Around the Net”, Looking for an IT Job Edition – 8/28/2013

Dealing with the emotional stress of losing your job is one of the most difficult things most of us experience in our lifetimes. Understanding how to deal with it and how to maximize your chances for future employment are important next steps when this happens.

Do IT Support Professionals Ever Relax on Vacation?

There’s an ongoing debate in my office that revolves around being able to disconnect while on vacation. Most of my peers believe that there’s no way to be able to completely disconnect when away from the office. I disagree. My stance is that if you feel that you need to constantly check in while on […]

How Many Devices is Too Many?

Are you surprised to hear that the average person carries 2.9 devices? I’m not. Check out this infographic by Sophos:

What’s Your Browser Policy?

          What’s your browser of choice? In today’s computing environment there are an abundance of different web browsers on the market. In my experience, most corporate websites are recommended to run from Internet Explorer, since they use particular activeX components and plugins. Many IT companies prefer only IE on the desktop […]

Help My Help Desk – “Around the Net” 3-31-13

It’s Friday again and you know what that means! Help My Help Desk presents some of the most useful, interesting and insightful IT Support, leadership and customer service links for this week from “Around the Net”:

Is Your Technical Support Organization As Good As Apples?

Simple question for you today. Is your technical support as good as Apples? According to Consumer Reports latest study, Apple is the way to go if you want the best technical support. According to the study 82% had their problem solved to their satisfaction via technical support while 88% had their problem solved to their […]