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Do IT Support Professionals Ever Relax on Vacation?

vacation laptop Do IT Support Professionals Ever Relax on Vacation?There’s an ongoing debate in my office that revolves around being able to disconnect while on vacation. Most of my peers believe that there’s no way to be able to completely disconnect when away from the office.

I disagree. My stance is that if you feel that you need to constantly check in while on vacation then you are either:

  1. Not delegating properly
  2. Don’t trust your team / have the right people working for you (You should always be training your replacement)
  3. Don’t put enough value on time away or uninterrupted time with your family and friends (Is work more important than focused, quality time with your family?)

I’ve also heard the argument that if you work “a little” during vacation, then you’ll have less to do when you get back but that defeats the purpose of being away from the office. Time off should be used to recharge one’s batteries, not to feel like they’re still “on call”. I tend to combat working during vacation by doing the following before I leave:

  1. Spending more time working before vacation to make sure that all of my projects and deliverables are ahead of schedule
  2. Make sure that my Inbox is as close to empty as possible
  3. Instruct my staff to hold all emails until my return
  4. Instruct my staff to not contact me unless there is a true emergency (and only via text or a phone call)
  5. Trust my people to make the right call (If they make a mistake while I’m away, it’s a lesson learned for that individual.)

For more on this topic check out this article from CIO magazine.

Are you an IT Support Professional or IT Manager that works on vacation? If so, why? If not, how do you combat the temptation to “check in”?

I’d love to hear if you ever get to truly relax on vacation. Drop me a line below!



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