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University Of Calgary Collective Agreement For Faculty

As Mr. Simms added, a “government mission” focused on ATB salary reductions for post-secondary teaching and research faculties was not consistent with the recommendations of the MacKinnon report, which primarily justifies reductions in higher education funding: our agreement with the Faculty Association confirms our commitment to the principles of academic freedom and confirms that the intellectual property policy continues to apply. As many of you know, the deadline for the declaration of Tenure, Promotion and Renewal is open until June 15, 2020 and applications are due September 1, 2020. The Council of General Faculties (GFC) has the authority to define the evaluation criteria and establish academic standards for the mandate, promotion and renewal, and can delegate the development of faculty guidelines to faculty boards to ensure that different aspects of different disciplines are taken into account in the application of the criteria. Therefore, the evaluation criteria are described in the GFC Academic Staff Criteria and Processes Handbook (gFC Handbook) and in faculty guidelines for your department or faculty. The Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC is the provincial voice for teachers and staff at BC universities, higher education institutions and institutes, as well as in private sector institutions. Member of the Aboriginal FPSE, represented by the Presidential Council and executive, representing more than 10,000 faculties and collaborators and was formerly the College Institute Educators` Association of BC. The university was asked whether legislation that delayed conciliation and introduced PBCO and ministerial directives into public sector negotiations provided a power to allow an arbitrator to ignore the parameters established by the parties in the context of this re-opening of wages. It was not in a position to draw attention to such authority. I have reviewed this legislation and I cannot find a legal basis on which I can change the contractual mandate that the parties have given me in their agreement…. The first point was related to the “provincial mandate.” In awarding the award, Arbitrator Andy Simms expressly rejected the University of Calgary Administration`s position that a “provincial mandate” can be used to repeal the provisions of a collective agreement or that it should play a role in arbitration decisions.

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