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Yukon Averaging Agreement

An overtime contract must be written and must be dated and signed by you or your union and employer. 20.3 Canada and Yukon agree on cooperation to provide opportunities for announcements, ceremonies, celebrations and reporting so that representatives of Canada and the Yukon can clearly express each government`s role in supporting Yukon`s benefits and measures. Canada and Yukon will jointly develop public information materials and jointly organize and participate in each public notice regarding the signing of this agreement and all of the agreements covered in the schedules that will be signed in the future. Canada is allowed, Under section 63 of the Employment Insurance (EI) Act, to contact the Employment Insurance Commission of Canada by providing for contributions to 2.1 Yukon to maintain labour exchange in a manner that allows all clients universal access and timely access to the national labour exchange system, as the parties agree to. In most work orders, the hours you work more than 44 hours a week are overtime. The following examples show the difference between the amount of overtime you get with or without an average agreement, if: 8.5 Except legal or written provisions approved by the other party and subject to section 8.2, a party may not disclose to a third party personal data received from the other party pursuant to this appendix, unless there is a written agreement between that party and the third party imposing on third parties obligations equivalent to those imposed on that party under this appendix with respect to the protection of that information. 3.7.1 If Yukon wishes to receive personal data from Canada for research and/or statistics, Canada will assess each application on a case-by-case basis. Canada may provide personal data to the Yukon for research and/or statistics if it is satisfied that the conditions set out in Section 38 of the DSD Act are met. The information to be shared would be the subject of a separate agreement on the exchange of information. 7.1 Canada and Yukon agree to enter into a separate level of service agreement that specifies the requirements of the system. Employers use means agreements to avoid overtime. If you sign a funding agreement, you will receive less for your overtime. You must get this free time within 3 months of the week you deserve it.

This does not apply if you sign a leave agreement with your employer within 12 months.

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