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5 Quick Tips for Exceptional Customer Service

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For any customer service driven business, providing the highest quality of customer service is crucial to your business. Most of us know the basics of how to provide good customer service, but fail to do so on a consistent basis. Based on my experiences of 20 plus years in IT, here are my top five tips for providing exceptional customer service:

  1.  Hire happy people. – Investing in quality, happy, well-rounded people is investing directly into your business. Your help desk and desktop support techs are the front line of your business. Whether they are meeting with customers (end users) face to face or speaking with them over the phone, they are the face of your IT organization and their impression of your organization will stem from that contact.
  2. Use positive language. – Clear, effective communication with your customers will result directly from using positive language. Customers will react positively to your attitude and language and ultimately be more trusting of your organization and your service. They will walk away from the experience satisfied and will be likely to share their experience with other colleagues.
  3. Mind your body language. – Smile at people. Make direct eye contact. Stand up straight. Not only will doing this let a person know you are happy to assist them, it will convey to them your staff takes pride in their job and that your organization is one worth doing business with. Even if your only contact with clients is over the phone, smile anyway, they’ll still hear your smile in your voice.
  4. Use their name. – Always use a person’s name whenever possible, as often as possible. The best sound for some people is the sound of their own name. It will also assure them that you care and are truly listening to them, giving them the reassurance they need that they choose the right organization to work with.
  5. Follow up. – ALWAYS follow up with your customers within 24 hours, especially after resolving an issue. This maintains an open line of communication and makes you appear to be readily available to your customers, assuring them that you value them.

When you consistently practice these tips for exceptional customer service you will find that your end users will come to value your support organization more and you become a trustworthy source for them to return to again and again.

Have any of these tips worked for you? What other tips would you add to this list?

 5 Quick Tips for Exceptional Customer Service

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  1. Excellent tips! If the customer is frustrated, I always try to put myself in the their shoes. I’m often on both sides of that phone call at work (when calling another IT vendor) or giving support, so it helps when I try to think of the other side of things.

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