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Big Bang Theory Roommate Agreement

When Leonard and Stephanie get serious, Sheldon talks about the “Cohabitation Rider,” part of the deal about a romantic partner moving in. It`s actually an area where Sheldon is incredibly reasonable, because he has no problem with Stephanie, who is part of the house – and it`s Leonard who is upset by the time she spends there. Sheldon just wanted to see how their shelving would change! Whatever happens, having a plan for what happens when someone wants to move in with a romantic partner is just a smart way to plan. In accordance with the agreement, the thermostat must be maintained at 72F (22C). All the time. At all times. And although they live in sunny California, where the weather won`t fluctuate as much as in New York, for example, it still seems extreme. Here are 10 rules of the Sheldon Roommates Agreement that everyone should follow: Sheldon`s quirks were part of his charm, and they were visible every time the roommate agreement was withdrawn as a reference. While Sheldon had listed many wild scenarios in the agreement, the most basic rules were perhaps the most depressing for Leonard. Finally, the ground rules were about things that could actually happen. Take a second, because that may sound like one of the least reasonable rules of the agreement, but it is Sheldon that we are talking about here. According to Section 9 “If one of the roommates invents time travel, the first stop must be targeted exactly five seconds after the signing of this clause of the roommate contract.” Which seems like a ridiculous thing, but if someone is going to discover the time travel, he will probably be Sheldon, and if he does, he would hold 100% to the roommate agreement.

If there`s nothing else, it`s a fun way to start a conversation about borders when you live together, and it`s never bad. This may sound ridiculous, but adding a day of the year to enjoy your roommate and everything you do for each other is incredibly cute – and probably very helpful in maintaining a great relationship. It would work better if it was reciprocal, not just a roommate, of course. And yes, it shouldn`t be necessary, but gratitude is increasingly made to be useful for health and happiness, so why not take a little leave of absence from “roommate-thank you”? We`re not really in favor of syncing showers or anything as extreme (although Sheldon may not agree), but make sure the roommates are thinking about bath time and using hot water is actually pretty reasonable. While some of the clauses in the roommate agreement were a bit crazy, some were absolutely not necessary. There was absolutely no need for a clause on what we saw on Friday night. In Season 3, Sheldon mentions that the Roommate Agreement said Friday nights were reserved to watch Firefly. The clause was included in the agreement assuming that the show would be open for years.

The big joke about The Big Bang Theory is that Sheldon can be crazy – that his brilliance is overshadowed only by his “weirdness,” and that his friends must constantly find ways to handle all the bonkers Sheldon asks of the people around him.

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