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Confidentiality Agreement Prevod

It is also a common case, and not only in this type of contract, that translations of foreign contracts are used in the context of domestic trade and for the purposes of domestic contracts. In both the English-speaking countries where this treaty was created, there are other laws, so it is not enough to translate not only the name of the treaty, but also its content. Section 7. contains a number that they must pay them when they steal your idea, i.e. if they do not use or publish your confidential information for a fee. Or you, yours. When it becomes clear who will act as a secretor and recipient of classified information, you enter the most important part of the confidentiality agreement by defining what is considered a trade secret. The confidentiality agreement on the secrecy of information defines the possibilities for the use of trade secrets. A confidentiality agreement is a written contract that can be concluded between the employer and the worker, between the service provider and the recipient, as well as between the manufacturer and the customer. It contains binding conditions that prohibit the other party from disclosing confidential and private information about the company.

[1] This agreement protects employers from the disclosure of confidential information containing specific knowledge, trade secrets, customer or product information, strategic plans and other information that is confidential and is exclusively owned by a particular company and may benefit competition. This agreement stipulates that it cannot disclose or benefit from any information about the company with which it signed the agreement, and that the contract is also essential for any investor, employer or other party wishing to protect confidential information.

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