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Meet Liz!

A little about me…

I’m a computer technician with over eight years of experience in IT and about five years in broadcast technologies.  I’m a big tech enthusiast who enjoys discovering how IT, the internet, and gadgets can help us in day to day living at work and at home.

About three years ago I joined Custom Computer Specialists as a technician in our network operations center.  I help support clients and manage their servers, workstations and network infrastructure.  I also travel in the field to help end users with their day to day issues as well as help consult clients with recommended solutions for issues in their environment.

In my spare time I write news articles and review gadgets over at  I also like to tinker with open source hardware and software, and am trying get back into light programming.  When I need to get away from my computer, I like to sew/recycle garments into new things, play volleyball, or take a nice walk/bike ride.  Finally, I love to travel, and have a stamp-filled passport that misses being used!  I like discovering new things all the time.

If you’d like to reach out to me feel free to do so at