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Does Your Help Desk Suck? Look No Further Than Here…

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At a high level, the key parts of any organization, including your help/support desk can be broken down into three key components:

  • Tools
  • Processes
  • People

While many would argue that you can’t have a “world class” help desk without all three (and I agree), it’s impossible to have even a semi-effective help desk without the right people. Without the right people on your help desk, it won’t matter if you have the best processes in place and the best tools money could buy, without the right people your help desk will fail and fail miserably.

I’m a huge advocate of putting “people first” in almost every situation. In fact, people are such a key component of the company I work for that it’s a part of their tag line: “Right People. Right Results.” We live this philosophy daily through our rigorous interviewing process, the rewards and recognition programs that we have in place, and our dedication to our client-facing “Service Excellence” program.

It all starts with the people:

  • Good people can overcome most bad decisions.
  • Good people find ways to be effective despite any hurdles they encounter.
  • Good people can make meaningful, human connections with end users.
  • Good people understand “people first” and know how to communicate.

Whereas “bad people”:

  • Bad people will work around even the best processes.
  • Bad people will find excuses as to why things aren’t working or problems can’t be solved.
  • Bad people make end users uncomfortable and tear down relationships.
  • Bad people will ignore useful tools that have been implemented, thinking they know better and thus your return on investment will be diminished.

Of course, I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Hire the right people and everything else becomes that much easier.

If that doesn’t work, you could always ask “Have you tried turning it off then back on again?icon wink Does Your Help Desk Suck? Look No Further Than Here...

How has hiring the right (or wrong) people effected your help desk?

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