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Far 52.225-6 Trade Agreements Certificate

(a) the supplier certifies that any final product, with the exception of the finished products covered in point (b) of this provision, is a final product manufactured or designated in the United States, as defined in the clause of this appeal under the title “Trade Agreement.” . c) The government evaluates bids in accordance with the guidelines and procedures of Part 25 of the Federal Procurement Order. For individual positions covered by the WTO GPA, the government will evaluate offers from finished, manufactured or designated countries in the United States, regardless of the restrictions of buy-U.S. status. The government will only consider offers of finished products from the United States or certain countries, unless the contract agent finds that there is no supply for these products or that the offers for these products are not sufficient to meet the requirements of this appeal. b) The supplier lists, as other finished products, deliveries that are not finished products by the United States or the intended country.

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