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How Many Devices is Too Many?

too many devices How Many Devices is Too Many?Are you surprised to hear that the average person carries 2.9 devices? I’m not. Check out this infographic by Sophos:

devices carried How Many Devices is Too Many?

Whether you’re an IT Support professional or “just” and end user, you most likely have experienced something I like to call “shiny new object syndrome” or just plain old “too much tech”. I am certainly guilty of this. My latest indulgence being a Windows RT tablet (along with my iPad, iPhone, Kindle, laptop and multiple add on keyboards).

As technologists some of us tend to get carried away with always having the latest and greatest while others are fortunate enough to test devices for a living.

But too much tech poorly used is counter-productive.

When multiple devices are crying out for our attention, loss of focus and efficiency occurs and time spent juggling devices affects actual production.

Unless it’s your job to test new technology, I say it’s wise to do your best to avoid “shiny new object syndrome” and give the IT support guys a break.

After all, if you’re spending all of your time tinkering with your tech, who’s doing the actual work? And if you’re job is that easy, be careful, you probably have a very easy job, the kind robots will be doing soon.

How many devices do you carry?

Are you an IT Support professional with an interesting story to tell regarding supporting “too much” tech or are you an end user that can relate with “shiny new object syndrome”? Either way I’d love to hear from you.

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 How Many Devices is Too Many?

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  1. Ah yes, I’d like to call this “techno-lust”. I suffer from carrying too much, especially when going to work. My daily lineup can be as much as; laptop, tablet, iPad, e-reader, and two mobile phones. Then of course I suffer from accessory-lust to carry said devices (new tote, messenger or backpack) to go along with it! The good thing is since I always get familiar with devices, I can help others who need help, which then in turn makes me feel like I’m always working, so maybe not so good!

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