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Windows 8.1 Released Soon

Windows 8 Logo 300x180 Windows 8.1 Released SoonMicrosoft recently stated on their blog and Tech Net articles that  Windows 8.1 is coming soon on October 18th. This release will include Internet Explorer 11, an improved Windows Store, and a few more enhancements in enterprise applications.  

In my experience working within several large environments there are very few users that are on Windows 8. The feedback I’ve been getting is that it’s largely due to the drastic changes in the user interface and the overall end user experience.

Many companies decided to hold off on upgrading from Windows 7 Pro until IT departments do a lot of internal testing with Windows 8 and their daily applications.  I know very few IT Support people who are  running Windows 8 at the moment. Out of the 300 support professionals I work with, I know of only one who was given Windows 8 on his PC (I understand this may not be typical, but it’s my experience.) The good news is that the web-based app that we use for support has thus far been running with little trouble.

The biggest problem I see is the use of Internet Explorer 10 not being compatible with many websites or thin-client applications that rely on certain ActiveX settings or the like.

Personally, I hope IT departments will start to embrace the fact that Windows 8 is not going away, and that support for older legacy systems (Windows XP or Vista) will be stopping very soon.  Change is good, right?  Maybe not.

What is your experience with the new Windows 8 operating system?  Has your organization rolled it out to it’s end users? Are you looking forward to the Windows 8.1 release? How does your ticketing system, remote control and self help apps work on this latest version of Windows?

I’d love to hear your experiences.


 Windows 8.1 Released Soon

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