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IT Support Tips from the Trenches

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Being an IT professional for roughly ten years, I’ve encountered  so many people that have different levels of computer knowledge.  Some users can move their way around a screen and follow instructions, while other users are terrified to click on a shortcut that isn’t familiar to them.  When dealing with end users of varying degrees, you need to keep cool and  stay level headed.  Some people are easy to deal with, while others become easily flustered and don’t want to listen.
Here are some quick IT Support tips for today:

1. When troubleshooting, keep a calm tone no matter how frustrated the user gets, because they will (hopefully) calm down and realize that you are only there to help.

2.  Be very sure that you see and understand what the user is doing when they have trouble. Everyone’s workflow is different (and can be a bit unique), so until you know the exact steps they are taking, you might not come to the right resolution.

3.  If at first you don’t succeed to fix their problem, try, try again.  It’s not good to give up too easily.  Don’t be afraid or too proud to ask others for help, especially if you have escalation teams. Even experts learn something new!

4. Now that you’ve learned a new resolution on a problem, take notes!  Go digital and create notes in your favorite app, or stay analog and write it down.  If you have an internal knowledge base, Sharepoint site, put it in there, even if it doesn’t look pretty.  The more you document, the more you will remember, and others can learn as well.

No matter what, customer service is an integral part of any job, specifically in IT.  Be patient, understanding, and always professional. Try to remember people’s names and what they do.  Make sure you let them know your name as well, and not just be “the computer guy” or “the computer girl”.   Always give a smile, when you can, it goes a long way!

I’d love to hear what tips you may have!


 IT Support Tips from the Trenches

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