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Nepal Malaysia Labour Agreement

Following this revelation, Minister Bista signed a pioneering moU in 2018 with his counterpart, Mr Kulasegeran, Malaysian Minister of Human Resources. The agreement required employers to pay visa fees and airfares for Nepalese workers, which are now guaranteed in the first week of each month. But it was only last week, when the technical details were drawn up by a joint working committee in Kuala Lumpur, that the door opened for Nepalese workers to return to work in Malaysia. The October agreement between Nepal and Malaysia relieved Nepalese workers of all expenses, including recruitment fees, ticket prices, visa fees, medical examinations and security inspection fees that all Malaysian workers were required to pay earlier. But the agreement still needs to be implemented because of a number of obstacles, including those related to the medical examination of workers. After many discussions with the Malaysian government and many duties over the months, the government finally set on Monday the date of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (Memorandum of Understanding) on a working agreement with the Southeast Asian country. On 4 June, on the sidelines of the International Labour Conference in Geneva, Nepal held a meeting with Malaysian Personnel Minister Kulasegaran. During the meeting, officials from both countries discussed how the tasks to be carried out in the implementation of the labour agreement could be completed as soon as possible. According to Myrepublica, Malaysia was one of the preferred destinations for Nepalese migrant workers until the Nepalese government banned its citizens 15 months ago from travelling to Malaysia to find work.

The government issued the ban after finding that workers linked to Malaysia were forced to illegally pay additional funds for a Malaysian private company based in Kathmandu. “Before, we had discussions about government procurement of labour according to the government model, but the Malaysian government was not very sensitive to this proposal,” Regmi said. “The recent statement by the Malaysian Minister of the Interior is a positive development for Nepal, as we will be able to provide better facilities while sending migrants through the government on the government model. The Malaysia-Nepal agreement set a precedent for migration-related reforms in Nepal and the region and laid the groundwork for Nepal`s recently signed agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Mauritius.

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