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“My customer’s aren’t complaining, we’re good!”… Ever Find Yourself Saying This? Read On

566060 99142722 300x200 “My customers arent complaining, we’re good!”... Ever Find Yourself Saying This? Read OnA recent interaction with one of my clients went something like this:

Me: “How’s your help desk doing?”

Client: “Great! We haven’t had a complaint in over a month!”

Me:  “That’s not good.”

Client: “What do you mean?!?! It’s great!”

At this point I had to remind my client that when end users (customers) aren’t complaining, it’s usually not a good sign.

But WHY exactly are end users not complaining?

  1. They’re not comfortable. Most people really don’t like to complain and are not comfortable doing it.
  2. It often takes effort. Unless you make it real easy, people are unlikely to complain and will just suffer through their problem – whether real or perceived.
  3. They don’t believe it matters. This might be the worst reason of all. If they think that you can’t help, they’ll never let you know what’s wrong.

Now that we know WHY end users don’t complain, the question becomes HOW do we ensure their voices are heard?

The methodology doesn’t matter as much as the overriding philosophy, which is key to any help desk or business or customer service driven operation.

Never, EVER stop listening to your customers.

The day you stop listening is the day your competition (perhaps another employee vying for your job or another vendor looking to replace you) gets the edge .

Do you have a methodology in place for eliciting feedback and getting a pulse on your clients? Surveys? Phone calls? Letters?


What’s your experience with your customers complaining? Let me know by posting below!

 “My customers arent complaining, we’re good!”... Ever Find Yourself Saying This? Read On

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