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Services Offered

As the head of Custom Computer Specialists Support Services Division, I’m responsible for two service offerings that I’m extremely proud of. Our local IT outsourcing business boasts a year after year 97% renewal rate while our assessment practice has helped countless clients get a better understanding of their IT operations and IT support organizations.

Local IT Outsourcing Done Right

As our tag-line (Right People, Right Results) suggests, we are firm believers that an organization’s most valuable resources are its people. Strategically, we believe in investing heavily in our personnel and are very proud of the people we employ to serve our clients. Some highlights include:

  • Service Delivery Managers have an average of 17 years’ experience managing technical support operations. -Our technical teams are led by proven veterans who know what it takes to build exceptional teams.
  • Service Delivery Managers hold ITIL Service Management and HDI’s Support Center Director certifications along with a variety of other leading industry certifications. -Our clients are assured that our support teams are using Industry Best Practices and are actively managed.
  • Service Delivery Managers are “non-billable” resources who strive to add value by serving as “Virtual CIO’s/CTO’s” to our clients. Our Service Delivery Managers are active in the IT Support industry; some serve as HDI Officers, participate in ITSM and Educational IT forums and are frequent speakers at industry events. -These resources provide invaluable consulting, benchmarking data, performance goals and help our clients formulate and achieve strategic goals.
  • Staff development is paid for and managed closely. Each team member has an annual development plan which they formulate with their manager. These plans include specific certification objectives which are aligned with the environments they work in. -Our team members never become stagnant and are constantly learning and “staying ahead” of new technologies. Clients get the very best resources available.
  • We have several staff recognition and rewards programs including “STAR” points (cash awards for achievements), customer service awards, perfect attendance awards, client feedback awards and others. We continually innovate and find ways to recognize, motivate and reward our staff. -Our people are happy and our employee retention rate is excellent compared to the industry average.
  • Our services model is designed in such a way that close work relationships are formed between our field staff and our in-house Network Operating Center (NOC), technicians and engineers. -Our field staff are never on their own with immediate access to over 180 technical resources 24/7.

In summary, whether that’s our clients or our staff, we put “people first” and that’s what has allowed us to thrive in an extremely competitive industry for over 33 years.

IT Support/Operations Assessments

The goal of the IT Support or Operations assessment is to produce an independent and objective benchmark of current performance against industry standards. As an experienced and unbiased consultant, we can avoid the common pitfalls associated with conducting an assessment in-house; political and organizational alliances and dynamics, cultural myopia, organizational doctrine and over-commitment to sunk costs/technologies or processes. We draw upon experience gained across a wide cross section of industries and service operations to produce a comprehensive portrait of current operations and develop a holistic plan and approach to achieve excellence in your service operation.

Once an assessment is complete, we provide recommendations to re-engineer components those that are not optimal, as well as focus on areas which are in need of processes to govern workflow and service delivery. All efforts are be governed by the objective to improve Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction levels or whatever goals are set forth at the beginning of the assessment.

A typical assessment will also cover the areas which are part of our standard approach and included within our proprietary Maturity Matrix.

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