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Service Agreement Contract Termination Letter

The purpose of this letter is for the person to submit his CV at the same time as this letter and therefore; the applicant must have his resume prepared for seizure. The letter refers to the decision to terminate the service contract that you made due to late payments from your client. You tell him the reason for the termination of the contract, the date from which it will be effective, and you finally ask him to clarify all his outstandings with respect to you. This is the professional way to realize that their payment process affects your business. With this letter, you can convey things in a simple way. With this letter, we inform you that we have our agreement on the ` We hoped for a good partnership with your company. But unfortunately, your depreciation services do not come at all with the lines of the agreement. Our company is in big trouble due to late payments and unprecedented orders from your company. That`s why we want to terminate the contract with you on (termination date). In accordance with our previous notification (see attached), this letter must inform you that you have reached the end of your maintenance contract with the company name and that we can no longer offer you support or maintenance in any form from the date. All access to business, personnel or equipment services in accordance with our service contract will be suspended on the date listed above. If you would like to renew these services, please contact us at the telephone number and we would be happy to verify and renew your service contract with the company name.

In any event, that we have another opportunity to open another agreement with you, we pray that you will be open to such a commitment. A contract with termination specifies to a third party with whom you have a prior agreement that you will no longer maintain it. It is possible that the transaction agreed by the two parties has taken its course or that there are insurmountable differences between the two partners, making it difficult to pursue the contracts.

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