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Does Your Help Desk Suck? Look No Further Than Here…

              At a high level, the key parts of any organization, including your help/support desk can be broken down into three key components: Tools Processes People While many would argue that you can’t have a “world class” help desk without all three (and I agree), it’s impossible to have […]

Help My Help Desk – “Around the Net” 2-1-13

Who wants to write posts on a Friday? Not this guy! So on Friday’s I take what some might argue as being the “lazy” way out. Here are some of the most useful, interesting and insightful IT Support, leadership and customer service links for this week from “Around the Net”:

IT Outsourcing: Pros and Cons (Part One)

          If you’ve been around IT long enough you know that talk of IT outsourcing generates heated debate among IT professionals! Whenever organizations consider the use of outsourcing, various arguments are put forward in favor of, and against, the use of outsourcing. In this post I examine some of the more common pros […]