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IT Support Tips from the Trenches

Being an IT professional for roughly ten years, I’ve encountered  so many people that have different levels of computer knowledge.  Some users can move their way around a screen and follow instructions, while other users are terrified to click on a shortcut that isn’t familiar to them.  When dealing with end users of varying degrees, […]

Do IT Support Professionals Ever Relax on Vacation?

There’s an ongoing debate in my office that revolves around being able to disconnect while on vacation. Most of my peers believe that there’s no way to be able to completely disconnect when away from the office. I disagree. My stance is that if you feel that you need to constantly check in while on […]

How Many Devices is Too Many?

Are you surprised to hear that the average person carries 2.9 devices? I’m not. Check out this infographic by Sophos:

What’s Your Browser Policy?

          What’s your browser of choice? In today’s computing environment there are an abundance of different web browsers on the market. In my experience, most corporate websites are recommended to run from Internet Explorer, since they use particular activeX components and plugins. Many IT companies prefer only IE on the desktop […]

Desktop Support Research Results – You’re Not Alone

Now that I’m somewhat caught up with my inbox and have had some time to reflect on the HDI Conference, I plan on sharing some interesting data and observations from the conference over the next couple of weeks. As a member of HDI’s Desktop Support Advisory Board I have a vested interest in staying up to […]

IT Support Happenings…LIVE From Vegas!

 Hello all! This week I’m at the annual HDI Conference being held at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas. I had every intention to check in daily with you but quite honestly there’s so much to do during this conference that every day (and night) is jammed pack with valuable sessions, keynotes and networking that I just […]

10 Things To Never Do With Angry Customers