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Top Ten Guidelines for Hiring IT Support People

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One of the greatest challenges every Help Desk or IT Support organization faces is having the right people on staff to provide the highest quality of support to their clients. The hiring process is critical for identifying the quality employees who will raise the bar for your help desk (vs. those who can bring it down).  So how do you decide who is worth hiring and whether they would be an asset to your team? Should you be looking for the person with the most experience or the highest quality education or training? Or are there other things you should be looking for? Here’s my “holy grail” of hiring IT support people, compiled over 20 plus years of hiring IT staff.

Top Ten Guidelines for Hiring IT Support People


  • Look for motivated and enthusiastic people who demonstrate a propensity to serve.
  • It’s easier to teach proficiency than it is to change attitudes.
  • Hire for attitude and train the technical.
  • Emphasize potential over experience (in most cases).
  • There should be a documented, repeatable process for hiring IT Support people.
  • Role playing and simulation should be incorporated into the interview process.
  • Adequately communicate job expectations. There should never be a new hire who is surprised.
  • Understand the candidate’s expectations.
  • Emphasize the importance of customer service in the recruiting process. Candidates should know about your organizational commitment to customer service.
  • Recruiting should be a weekly event, regardless of whether or not you have open positions.


Now that you’ve read my top ten guidelines for hiring IT support people, what are yours? Do you have any to add to my list?


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