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Which Facility Is Operated Under A Joint Agreement Between Two Or More Government Units

Interstate Identifier Index (III) A system of index points for interstate exchange of criminal records. In Point III, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) holds an index of identification of persons arrested for serious crimes or misdemeanours under national or federal law. The index contains credentials (for example, name. B, date of birth, race and gender), FBI numbers and status identification numbers (SIDs) of any state that contains information about a person. Searches conducted by federal criminal authorities are automatically transmitted through public telecommunications networks and telecommunications lines of the FBI`s National Information Office (NCIC). The search is done on the basis of names and other identifiers. The process is fully automated and takes about five seconds. If a result is obtained for the index, the registration requirements are applied using the SID number or the FBI, and the data is automatically retrieved from any repository containing the person`s records and transmitted to the requesting agency. Participation requires that the state have an automated criminal record system, capable of being in contact with System III and automatically responding to all requests for intermediate and federal and national registrations. b) Detainees detained under the Sexual Robbery Act, up to civil proceedings, are held in administrative segregation. For the purposes of this subdivision, administrative segregation is defined as separate and secure housing that does not involve any deprivation of privilege other than what is necessary to protect occupants and staff.

In accordance with Section 1610, if applicable, the person must continue treatment. An alleged predator, sexually violent and held until civil proceedings, may forego being placed in safe accommodation by asking the court for a waiver. In order to grant the waiver, the Tribunal must find that the exemption is voluntary and intelligent and that granting the waiver would not affect treatment planning for the applicant.

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