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Why IT Support Is Critical to Your Success as a CIO

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In my experience most CIO/CTO’s don’t realize just how important the success of their IT Support department is to their overall job (and even career) success. If you hold a C-level role in IT and are responsible for IT support, believe me when I say it can be the most important part of your job/career. It can make or break you as a CIO. As your IT support department goes awry, so does your job success.

Let’s face it, the majority of your end users communication and exposure to IT is through some type of IT support mechanism, whether it’s desktop support or the service desk. This means that overall end user satisfaction is directly tied to the end users dealing with your IT support team. Therefore it’s fair to say that high levels of customer satisfaction with your IT support team translates into high levels of customer satisfaction with all of IT. For the majority of end users, there is no difference between “IT” and “IT support”, to them it’s all one entity. This is why customer service training is vitally important for anyone in an IT Support role. One would be wise to remember that and act accordingly.

Do you stay on top of how end users perceive your IT support organization? – Surveys and informal “walkabouts” are a good way to keep a pulse on end user perception.

Do you have a marketing plan to promote your IT support organization? – This is one of the most overlooked strategies and can pay big dividends if rolled out correctly.

Do you provide recurring customer service training to anyone that interfaces with your end users? – Remember, IT support is a customer service function, not an “IT function”.

Do you have clear goals for your IT support team and is there a standard metric that is well defined and tracked on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? – The old adage “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” continues to hold true, even in IT support.

Lastly, if you need more motivation to spend more time focusing on your IT support department, just remember that how your IT support department is perceived and their overall success is directly linked to how you are perceived and your ability to use that good will to accomplish other initiatives.

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